A5 Live Festival - 2nd, 3rd & 4th  August 2019

The live music festival for everyone

First of all welcome to our website, and thank you for checking us out. From here we will share with you whats going on with the planning of the festival, it's ups and downs and the funny bits which happen along the way.

Right now August seems a long way a way, but already we are putting in to motions the plans to make sure you have the best time ever at our little festival, heres to great year!

June 2018 | Behind the Scenes...

While the prep work has now begun in earnest (2 months to go!) the groundwork started months ago with both the main arena and camping field being mown very regularly...

The First Cut

And so it begins! With 15 weeks to go the first cut of the field where the areana will be set up has been done, thanks to one of our fantastic volunteers John the Mole. It will be the first of many if the glorious weather we are having continues!


The logs are starting to be cut up ready for the infamous fire pits, and we are already starting to feel the momentum build for this year.


Plenty of work to do of the summer, but festival prep has definitely began!

The first cut of the summer!

March 2018

So, the first purchase of the year has been made... a giant marquee should the weather be unkind! August should be fine though, will look forward to putting that up in a few months time!