A5 Live Festival - 2nd, 3rd & 4th  August 2019

The live music festival for everyone

Martin Payton

So I'm the chap who a few years back decided to throw a festival together in my back yard. A few friends, some live music and a few drinks, what could be simpler?! That was 6 years ago now, and A5 Live continues to grow year on year.


However, it has to be said that the festival only happens because of the hard work of the volunteers who give their time willingly and freely to support this local event. Without them there would be no show and to them I am truly grateful!


E-mail: a5-live@outlook.com


Kate Hoare & Mike Newey

Neon Studios have been supporting the festival for the last few years, and frankly it wouldn't be the same without them. They bring the festival to life with Humbuckers Bar, and also provide the backline to the main stage.


No strangers to performing on stage themselves, at A5 they take on a much more challenging role of keeping the drinks flowing over the weekend. However if you're lucky you might find Kate & Mike singing on the hay bales as the festival goers arrive, and sometimes at the end of the night!


Kate & Mike's wise words and advice are always well recieved and we are glad to have you on board again this year.



The Stage & Sound Crew

These awesome guys are the absolute best! Each year they deliver a flawless sound and an impressive stage set-up to rival the big boys in the festival game. Their hard work pays off when you see the crowds rocking in the front of the arena you know they've created something special. With feed back each year from the bands performing on what a top set up and sound they give, we think thats the real reason so many of the bands want to return!


Rob, Daz and Gareth - cheers guys, you really are the business! 

'Uncle Al'

Once upon a time a fellow turned up to one of the first festivals early in the day and asked 'is there anything I can do to help'? We hadn't met before but welcomed the offer and from that day onwards, 'Uncle Al', as he is affectionalty known, has become part of the A5 Family along with his partner Cindy.


Often seen driving round the site with his orange lights flashing, listen out for the infamous words 'Come on then' - because if a job needs doing Uncle Al will rally the troops to get it done... and done well!


'Al can you hear me, copy'.....

Our behind the scenes volunteers

We've said already that the festival just wouldn't happen without our amazing volunteers who help us every year. They really are the life blood of A5 Live.


So much of the preparation begins months before the festival itself.  Mowing the fields, assembling the stage, putting up the marquees, setting out the fencing, selling the tickets and so much more. We don't have photos of all the work going on but will share more this year to show you a behind the scenes picture of just how much goes on with putting on a festival.


There are too many to mention but I'll try;

Steve, Paul, Tracy, Gibbo, Gaz, John the Mole, James, Kimbo, Deb,Ross,  Daz, Mick, Cindy, Bennett, Paul, Kimmie,Decker, Sam,  Nick and Aunty Sue.If I've missed your name off I'm sorry, I'll keep thinking and adding to the list!

No festival would be complete without its ice-cream van and ours comes not just with a flake, but with a legend!  If you get the chance to meet our very own Mr Whippy-Hall you'll get possibly the biggest 99 you can imagine, and if you want to stop and chat about the Hacienda or the good old days of rave then he's your man. Day or night he'll be behind the counter of the van ready to chat! What a guy!